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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Working With Difficult Teammates-7 Personalities

There are difficult people on every job, your focus should be on how to handle such individuals. Here are 7 kinds of difficult personnel.

 Not everyone that works in a dialysis unit has experienced these types of issues relating to teamwork. There are some units that don't have a lot of politics, gossips, and issues. This write-up is for those technicians that know what I am talking about.  Not all nurses, managers or technicians are difficult, so don't take this post out of context. This is just explaining the con side of working in some dialysis units, not all.

1. Lazy- Always complain about putting on their assigned patients.
Tips: Don't do any favors for them, make sure your own patients are straight.

2. Bossy- Always trying to tell you what to do and what not to do. These individuals assume that you don't understand your job description.
Tip: Tell them you got this and thank you

3. Rude/Disrespectful- Confront the person if you can, but remember you can't change anyone, you can only control you.
Tip: Always take all disagreements off of the floor

4. Unhelpful teammates- Never want to work as a team and help others
Tip: Keep doing you, and only help those teammates who help you.

5. Gossiper- These individuals lie & further unit politics. Some befriend/ gossip to management to get an upper hand on others.
Tip: Never bring your personal business or issues to the unit.

6. Helpful and caring- This kind of teammate loves helping their patients and focus only on how to create the best out of their day. They stay to themselves and don't get involved in politics.

7. Tornado Teammate- One that has more than one of the negative descriptions and causes all kinds of discord in the unit. My advice is to stay cool, and always be on the ball regarding your responsibility. If you have the guts to confront them off the floor, then do so.

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