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Friday, November 20, 2015


Down throughout the years, I have met so many workers within the dialysis field that desire to tell their stories, but just don't have the time. Others desire to write books but are afraid of getting ridiculed or fired.

Listen you can write a book without speaking badly about others in your unit. You can write a novel or a book that speaks on certain issues, and what could be done to improve. You can publish an inspirational book that contains uplifting materials for new and experienced technicians who could use it to improve! Everyone has a story that should be told and used to help others.

From the many articles I have read on writing a book, I found that it is easier to type a book on the computer instead of writing it down first in the book. Because when you write all of your materials down, it is harder to go back and type all of it on the computer, and this is when procrastination drops in.

Here are 7 tips for writing a good book, and at your own pace and without PROCRASTINATION

1. Figure out if you want your book to be a novel, handbook, or inspirational book for others.
2. Get your title together.
3. Start typing it little by little on Microsoft Word.
4. Research free book publishing platforms such as LuLu & Amazon Kindle.
5. Find a good editor for your book on and other sites.
6. You can purchase your cover page from or someone who can do it professionally.
7. Publish your book! 

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. My advice is you should write down your goals and hang it in your locker at your unit, or on your wall at home. That will curb procrastination and putting this important accomplishment off till another time.

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