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C Ann is not claiming to represent any dialysis facility, company, or corporation. Cassia Ann has based her blog on her opinions and experiences in working at many dialysis units/companies all over New York City.

C Ann is not responsible for any misuse or misunderstanding of any information contained herein, or any loss, damage, or injury, be it health, financial, or otherwise, suffered by any individual or group acting upon or relying on information contained herein. 

None of the opinions or suggestions in "Dialysis Technicians USA, is intended to replace medical protocol, medical opinions, or clinical mandates in the United States of America.

 If you have any concerns while working as a Dialysis Patient Care Technician, you should definitely request your unit’s and state’s protocols. None of this information is for definite intended use, being mere suggestions and opinions from writer C Ann. Names are sometimes changed to protect the identity of advisors.

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