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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Job/Interview Run around 4 Tips to overcoming

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Have you ever been in a situation where you really longed to get into that dream job or career in dialysis, but you can't....

You have tried calling and appearing at the dialysis unit only to be turned down?

The first step to consider is... how does your resume appear? Is it clear and direct and straight to the point?
I have worked for many cool managers while doing per-diem assignments, and some don't play when it comes to hiring. I remember going into one manager's office and seeing stacks of resumes on the desk. How are you going to stand out from the many that have faxed their resume in?
Even if you don't have experience, you can still be trained to the company's standards and procedures and become a technician. You have within 15 months to get your dialysis certification while you are working towards the 3,000 work hours required to take the certification exam. Nothing is impossible!

Word to the wise
The dialysis units are stressful around turn-over (when patients come off the machine and new individuals come on) which ranges from around 9:00 am-2:00 pm. This is not really a wise time to call the unit or fax anything. However just call and ask the unit clerk what time is good to speak to the manager. Some people have contacted me, to explained how the manager gave them a nasty attitude or the cold shoulder, when they came to the unit to drop off their resume. All I can say is there are nice and rude people everywhere. You can only change YOU not someone else. My advice for that situation is ...Don't give up find a unit you like and be persistent in getting your foot in the door. I would suggest doing whatever is comfortable for you, especially if you are shy. Just make sure you find out the manager's name and in put it in your cover letter.  That resume must be tight!

4 points to consider 

1. If you have volunteer work in terms of helping the sick or elderly, put it down. Even if you visit the nursing home on a monthly basis put it down! Managers are looking for people that demonstrate a willingness to learn along with compassion and care. By helping others in your community, you are showing that you do care about others. Yes I know they want experience but if I could get hired you can too!

2. GET YOUR RESUME PROFESSIONALIZED! I can't stress this enough! Make yourself stand out even with a cover letter. Go on and look for the professionals....A $5.00 sacrifice used wisely to professionalize your resume can double into thousands a year if you land the job. 

3. Don't be afraid to call and ask for the manager and introduce yourself over the phone. You can find out when the manager is on break so you won't interrupt their schedule.

4. Many managers say apply online, but they still don't know you. It's better to put a face to the paper, meaning still send or give your resume to them.

What are you doing to get the job in dialysis?

Job Interview runaround 

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7 tips in deciding if the dialysis field is right for you

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I will give you a brief story about me.....

It was back in 2008 that my friend mentioned becoming a dialysis assistant.
To be honest, I didn't know what dialysis was until my friend explained it. The job description detailed assisting dialysis technicians as well as the nurses with hard and simple duties. I was to strip chairs, clean machines, mix acid and bicarbonate and handle all of the details in the water room. I worked this position for a year and while I assisted others I began to have a deep desire to become a hemodialysis technician myself. I figured "hey I want to become a dialysis technician immediately"! If people in here younger than me can do it I can!

Well....I was promoted to go train and test for the position, not because I was an assistant. It was because I showed my supervisor Ms. Showers that I knew how to work hard and that I loved those patients. Some people didn't want me promoted, but she believed in me. I passed every test presented at me with prayer and dedication. I can truly say God is good. As a technician I have passed through so much in the work place, in dealing with politics, unfair situations and other entanglements.

On every job, you will experience a situation, maybe there is someone you dislike, or a problem that is not being solved properly. One thing you should keep in mind is how to overcome any situation properly before it explodes to something negative and ruin your day. The dialysis field has it's pro's and cons and the question is do you think this field is right for you?? You will deal with staff situations on one end and patient situations on the other end. Your choices and decisions will make or break your day. Never allow anyone to make you have a bad day, the power is in your hand!

Here are 7 tips to decide if the dialysis field is right for you

1. Do you have a desire to help individuals?
2. Do you have empathy and sympathy?
3. Are you a team player?
4. Can you work around blood, and cannulation (sticking a patient with a needle)?
5. Would you be willing to constantly learn, and update yourself yearly through "free" company classes?
6. If there is a situation that arise where you don't like another teammate or management are you able to handle that with wisdom? 
7. Can you handle swift multitasking (dialysis also deals with "turn-over" multitasking of individuals combined with paper charting)?

By saying no to anyone of these situations lets you know the truth. There are many fields that are lucrative that I can get into, but I choose not to. Because whatever I do I want to love doing it. Same here!

My first video speaking on dialysis

My new book is out "Expert Tips On Becoming A Dialysis Technician" You can purchase it on or for CLICK HERE
My next book "The Wisdom Secret Diary of A Dialysis Technician" will be out late 2016

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Thank-You for reading this blog written by me Cassia Ann Hill, have a blessed day~