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Wednesday, February 14, 2018



This series is designed for those who want to remain professional but have hit some bumps in the road. I understand and have come to the conclusion that many people hate truth, wisdom, and knowledge. To you who love straightforward insight keep watching. 

Before I get started, I want to emphasize that all gifts are not bad. I love gifts and have received small gifts of thanks down through the years. Many of our patients mean well and want to show us an appreciation for everything we have done. However, every unit has a different policy on receiving gifts. One unit says no gifts over 50.00, another unit says no individual gifts only sealed gifts for the whole staff. Meaning no homemade baked goods, only sealed products like packaged gift baskets of cookies, flowers, etc. I am not against people receiving gifts individually or corporately. My concerns are helping you to avoid slippery sloops regarding accepting certain types of gifts and business offers that can lead to a path of destruction regarding your career. 

Receiving constant gifts all of the time
-Flowers twice a week
-Expensive gadgets
-Receiving restaurant food often in that month
-Money over 50.00 often

Doing business with the patient
-Selling products with and to the patient--
I had one patient that didn't pay me back and this created a weird feeling when I interacted with the person. However, it was all my fault, because I had no business doing that. 
-Paying the patient to do a start-up or a service
- I am not talking about giving money for some candy or something the patient is selling. That is different. 


-One patient told me that he wanted to bring me some expensive gifts. I told him not to because I can't accept it for I felt it was too much. Later that year he was angry at me regarding something that was out of my control. Imagine if I accepted that expensive gift, he would've said: "I want my gift back, you don't deserve nothing"! 

-One of my patients out of the goodness of his heart wanted to help me start a non-profit and for me to start paying for his services to get it done. However, I declined because 
1. What if I have issues with his services? Would that affect the quality of care that I give him? Resentful/angry?
2. What if something happens to him before he fulfills his service obligations to me?
I was right to say no because not too long after he offered to help me start, he sadly passed away. Imagine if I gave him the 2,000 he requested. I WOULD never get it back and it would be all my fault. Rules many times help to help you escape disaster, repercussions, and even death in many cases. 

  Ms. Huggies is a 28-year-old single mother of two, she is a struggling dialysis technician who is doing her best to make ends meet. Her dialysis unit doesn't pay enough for all of the hard work that she is doing. They even did some cutbacks regarding her hours and this saddens her all the more. She has a new patient named Mr. Profile and he runs TX on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and he is a very wealthy businessman and owner of many properties. One day as she was putting him the machine,  he sensed she was very upset about something, so he asks her if everything is ok. She told him her woes on the job, and he thought of an idea. He offered to help her get out of her job, and start a business in the field of hair. She gleefully accepted! Mr. Profile explained that he will get everything in motion and he gave her his number to call and talk about it later that night.

   A month passes by and Mr. Profile is almost finished setting up the paperwork to help Ms. Huggies open up a hair salon. The last steps are purchasing the products and spending money on the location and furniture. There is one thing that Mr. Profile needs and that is love. He has been single for months and he really formed a connection with Ms. Huggies both in-center, at his office, and on the phone. They seemed to have a lot in common so why not ask her for her love. Mr. Profile began to bring so many flowers into the unit for Ms. Huggies, and she gleefully took them. She told him that he doesn't have to do this and he told her it is no big deal. Mr. Profile even started giving Ms. Huggies large sums of money each time he saw her (sometimes bills ranging from 50-200.00). She took it as a blessing in waiting to get out of that low paying position into a business of her own. She was ever so grateful for meeting Mr. Profile and privileged to have him as her patient. 

A week later, Mr. Profile decides to ask Ms. Huggies for love on a Thursday night. He doesn't believe she will say no because he has done so much for her and spent over 2,000 on her plus the business. Before Mr. Profile helps Ms. Huggies with the last steps of the business he needs a yes first, so he makes his move. He calls her and asks for a special night and she refuses. He gets very angry about this and demands his money back. She tries to calm him down but he is furious that she would refuse to love him for one night after all that he is done. The next day he comes into the clinic and sits in the patient area. He spots the charge nurse at the treatment door demands her to change him from Ms. Huggies to another technician. The charge nurse asks him why, and screams out curses at Ms. Huggies in front of everybody, he says "That girl took advantage of me, asking me to help her start a business, out of the goodness of my heart I spent over 2,000 helping her and she is a really ungrateful jerk". The charge nurse later meets with Ms. Huggies to ask her what is the problem and she told her how she accepted his gifts because she had a hard time making ends meet etc. After leaving TX, Mr. Profile kept calling the unit and telling all who will pick up what he has done for Ms. Huggies and how he wants to sue her. Once the clinical manager got involved She was written up and suspended pending further investigation on whether she will be terminated. 

-Ms. Huggies' desperation for a better life, lead her to make the wrong choice in receiving gifts.
-She knew the gift policy in her unit but failed to adhere to it because she needed the money and business. She took hold unawares of deceitful promises. 
- Mr. Profile was very angry that he was turned down after all of the money he spent, and he will continue to cause problems for Ms. Huggies as long as she is employed there. Management knows this and will look into whether she should be terminated for accepting large sums from this man. 
-Discern all of the gifts you receive (is it from a pure or deceitful heart)
-large gifts and promises leave alone (in the name of professionalism)
-If you have taken a large gift of money try to give it back if possible ( around 20-30.00 because an old pt pressed it in my hand and demanded I take it) 

Silas is a 42-year-old nurse and father of 3 boys. He is always wanted to start a profitable online business, he has been trying to get it done the right way but failed each time. One of his patient's named DEDE on TTS, told him that he could help him get his dream up and running and that he has been a website freelancer for 2 years. Dede brought in his portfolio of different websites he did in the past and told Silas he could surely get the job done. Silas was very hesitant but Dede assured him that it will be done right, and gave Silas the vision of all of the money he would make if he hired him to complete the task.  So Silas took Dede's number and later that day, they came to a business agreement that he would pay Silas a total of 1,000 to set up the website and everything regarding the online business. Silas gave DEDE 500.00 on a Thursday two weeks after the initial convo about the agreement for the first two areas of the business creation and would wait to give the rest after the whole thing is completed. So Silas came to work on a Tuesday and noticed that DEDE didn't come in. So Thursday passed and Saturday passed and DEDE is nowhere to be found. So Silas gets worried when he calls all of Dede's numbers and they are disconnected. He tells the charge nurse on how Dede has been absent for 3 days and how he is worried. The charge nurse later told Silas that she found out that Dede got locked up for stealing from a jewelry store not far from the clinic and how he will be doing treatments in jail. So a few months pass by and Silas gets the worst news ever and is that Dede passed away in jail. Now Silas is out of 500.00 and his online business dream is tarnished. 
- Again discern all situations regarding money in the unit
- Silas was a fool in this situation, he should've found a reputable company to help him get his dream off the ground. 
- Desperation can lead to bad decisions.

CASE SCENARIO #3 )Accepting business from patients
MASE is a 52-year-old dialysis technician that has been in the field for 30 years. He is a single man and has a hobby of fixing up things and being a handyman. One day one of his patients named Tessa expresses that she has a leak in her pipes and toilet issues and she is looking for a person to fix it for her. MASE tells Tessa that he can fix it for her, and she writes down her number and address. Later on that week MASE finds himself in Tessa's house fixing her pipes and plumbing issues. Once done, Tessa pays him 150.00. Later on that week Tessa tells MASE that he didn't do a good job because her pipes and toilet is still giving trouble. MASE tells her to the best of his ability on how to troubleshoot the problem. Tessa goes home and tries what MASE tells her to no avail. When Tessa returns for treatment the next week, she is angry at MASE and accuses him of making her problem worse. She asks for her money back but MASE spent the money. MASE calms Ms. Tessa down and agrees quietly to pay for a company to fix the problem. Mase did this to keep Tessa from exploding and causing him to lose his job. So Mase would be paying out of his pocket 250.00 to get the other company to fix the problem. Be warned~
-MASE should've encouraged Tessa to find a 4-5 star company to fix her plumbing problems.
-MASE ended up paying 100 more out of his pocket to fix the problem.
-Be Warned and Be Wise.





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