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Saturday, July 1, 2017


In today's blog, I want to discuss different problems and situations that could be affecting you in your workplace and the solutions to these issues.

First off, every and I mean every workplace has some kind of issue. Where there are human beings, there are bound to be some disagreements and teamwork problems.

Now in my many years of working in different centers, I have noticed that at each place there was different kinds of negativity. Here are some of the issues I have seen and experienced. I will discuss the problems as well as the solutions underneath.

dialysis patients
dialysis technicians

PROBLEM:  Gossip.
SOLUTION: Stay away from that break room and go outside and chill or to the restaurant or for a walk. There is something awesome about getting fresh air after a stressful shift. Put on music or uplifting stuff in your car if you have one. The person that gossip with you will always gossip about you. I have seen and experienced this. BEWARE!

PROBLEM:  Politics Anger/rebellion towards good management or anger/rebellion from management towards good staff.
SOLUTION: Never/ever get yourself in a situation where you are in flat out rebellion, this affects the patients. Communication is the key regarding management. If management is giving you a hard time and you know you are holding stuff doing right, you should keep a journal of the dates and times and have a friend outside of the unit signature your journal to affirm that they also know what's going on. Someone on the inside may not want to sign your journal because of retaliation concerning management. This is why it is important to get an outside source.

PROBLEMS: Relationships with patients that spill into the unit.
SOLUTION: There have been real-life instances where the staff has crossed the line with their emotions and have entered a relationship with the patient for different reasons (business, love, money). It can be tempting to some but the end results are DEADLY. Professionalism is the KEY!!!! I have seen it where a patient and staff fell out of business/love and the patient told everything! THIS IS CRUCIAL STAY PROFESSIONAL!

PROBLEMS: Relationships among staff that went sour.
SOLUTION: If you had an intimate relationship with another staff, and it goes sour, my best advice is to have a talk with that person and keep your business off of the floor. If the other party refuses to listen to you and spreads stuff, then I don't know what to tell you other than learn from that bad choice. BAD word spreads fast, and people get curious and nosey. I have witness relationships that were already started before entering the dialysis field that was so professional, you would've never known the individuals were together. Again professionalism is so KEY!

PROBLEM: Anger towards other teammates (planning evil revenge on the job).
SOLUTION: I have seen revenge in motion all for the evil to return back to the person who planned it. I as well was a revengeful person, but let me tell you it is never good. I had to let stuff go and not carry my job weight back to my home. If you have an issue with a teammate try talking to them first, if that doesn't work or they get worse, see if you can work another shift or time. Ask management what can be done to avoid problems with that particular person.

PROBLEM: Anger towards patients in general. Patients who were non-compliant and disrespectful.
SOLUTION: We are there to provide PROFESSIONAL care. There are many instances that I have faced where the patient was 1. Non-compliant 2. Out of control 3. Doing unauthorized things to their machines 4. Threats and bad language 5. LIED ON ME! In all of these situations I still remained professional and what I did was consulted the charge nurse and manager and asked what I can do in these instances. Many times I would try talking to the PT to see what is going on and if the social worker can get involved, sometimes this worked and sometimes this didn't. It is ok to get upset but not to the point where it is affecting the treatment we are supposed to provide.

PROBLEM: Unprofessional management (spreading intimate details regarding staff).
SOLUTION: If you have a personal issue that demands you tell management then tell management in a way where it doesn't reveal all of your intimate situations. If you don't have to tell management of a situation that doesn't affect your job, then please do not at all. Only express situations that management has to be aware of because it affects the schedule etc. If management wants to gossip to you about others, you have to politely tell them that you are nervous about hearing bad about others because the same thing could happen to you. ............What goes around comes around.

PROBLEM: Break time issues (teammate takes too long/other staff never gets a real break).
SOLUTION: Make sure your section/pod/area is prepared. Meaning pre and post packs and stuff is laid out and ready in case the patient wants to get off early and you are not there. You should also explain to the charge nurse that you need to take your break If those on the floor are giving you are hard time. The best break is to go outside the unit. If you stay in the break room people will disturb you while you are eating and relaxing about situations on the floor.

PROBLEM: Shadiness (Not handling pts right, not compassionate, not giving correct treatment.
SOLUTION: Communication is key, such as talking one on one with that person. I have done this in the past. However, I personally will just make sure that I am doing the right thing for my patients. I can't control other people's actions but if they are knowingly harming a patient I will take up the matter for sure.

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