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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dialysis Patient first computer last.....

Quick tips~(Check with your unit first before taking my word for it). Cheers~~

1. Put on all of your patients' blood pressure cuffs on first and press the button for a standing b/p. Starting with the patient who will get on first. While these patients are all standing getting their b/p taken by the machine, you will go back to the first one and start taking their vitals and stick them and put them on. Put 2-3 important (vitals) things in their chart and come back to it later (only if that is possible).
2. After you stick your first pt, you should start their TX on the machine and move to the next.
3. After you finish your last pt, you need to go back to that first pt and finish that chart and anything else you have.~~

Stay updated with the latest information regarding the tips I give for new and experience technicians below~

I founded a total of 5 dialysis groups on Facebook but I am currently in 3 of those groups.

2. POWER DIALYSIS TECH & STAFF GROUP (Now renamed and headed by Dwelyn)