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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

International Mission & Ministry~ Tingathe Orphans & Widows

I have been supporting these dear orphaned children for a year going on two. These sweethearts are from southwestern Africa (Malawi).  I just want to share the goals of this ministry that I support, and how you can help if it is laid on your heart.

A little background
The name of the ministry is Tingathe  “yes we can” in the local Chichewa language. The name of the founder is Gregory Magaisa. He is married and have one daughter who is 10 years old.  He has been on a mission for many long years, in terms of feeding the hungry in his own local country, clothing the orphans & widows and being there for them.
dialysis technicians help internationally

 He has so many more pictures on his Facebook profile involving him helping widows, orphans and those who are forgotten about. Every month me and several others send funds, and other gifts to him, so that these children & the community can be supported. Gregory's ministry is certified and here are the pictures below. 


Continuing the ministry

In late 2015 Gregory fell very ill and had to undergo emergency dialysis treatments. He was only able to get treatment one time a week. As a certified dialysis technician I know the patients here in the USA must get treatments three or times a week. This is necessary for long term survival concerning renal failure. However that diagnosis didn't stop pastor Gregory, he continued to do God's will with joy and with persistence, once out of the hospital.

He continued doing everything possible for the orphans and widows in Malawi, until he passed away January 23rd 2016. 


I was devastated over his passing and very distraught and worried concerning the orphans and community. A brother named Jonathan Kaundama stepped up to the plate along with Gregory Magaisa's wife and has continued the ministry. Which is why I am writing this story to bring awareness to one of the ministries I support. 

     What does TINGATHE NEED?

This ministry needs alot of different things but you can support with what you have. Even 5.00 goes a long way to helping to support these precious people. If I can get as many people as I can to chip in and continue Gregory's legacy we can really help this community become self sufficient.
1. 50 Pigs, Cows, Chickens (Pigs are 30.00 USD each in Malawi)
2. More funds for food
3. Land 1,000-10,000 (Including the building)
4. More funds for Clothing (or you can send them clothing).
5. Building a well for fresh water 1,000-5,000

Whatever God places on your heart to give to keep this ministry continuing please give and be blessed. Contact me for more information

God bless you 1000 fold!!!!!!!!!!