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Monday, November 20, 2017

5 mistakes I made as a Dialysis Technician

1. Gossip & confiding in the wrong people
a. Have a heavy heart? Call someone outside the unit.

2. Workplace Politics
a. Dealing with a Jezebel Bully who is not authorized but in control of everything?
    Look to transfer if the manager is bowing to their requests as well.
b. Never take sides, gather the full story of the situation.
c. Don't be afraid to speak up and still keep it professional.

3. Anger
a. Have a bad temper? Get to the root of your issue by educating yourself on how to handle   triggers. Watch YouTube videos and get counseling.
b. I noticed most of my temper flares had a lot to do with miscommunication and misunderstandings (he say, she say).
c. Ask questions and communicate efficiently, don't stop talking to someone based upon someone else conclusion about that person. You never know who you will need down the road.
d. I lost alot of opportunities and relationships because of the spirit of rage and anger, mending those bridges were not easy and some remained broken. Make sure you analyze first before you get upset or listen to someone's version of what went wrong.

4. Honor and Loyalty
a. It's important to go the extra mile and show those who are looking out for you that you appreciate them. Wherever you have favor, make sure you keep that door open.
b. Honesty and loyalty is very important in working in dialysis. Always be truthful, you don't want word to spread that you have done something crazy.

5. Not Always being really professional
a. Honestly it is not professional to have your patients as your Facebook friends, because if they become your enemy, they can discuss everything they have seen on your profile and possibly get you fired....depending on the type of personality you are dealing with. NO SHADE to the patient but I have seen this happen.

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I founded a total of 5 dialysis groups on Facebook but I am currently in 3 of those groups.


2. POWER DIALYSIS TECH & STAFF GROUP (Now renamed and headed by Dwelyn)